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Our forensic accounting firm is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards. We serve our clients by investigating each case thoroughly and presenting the facts as we find them. In financial forensics, reputation is paramount, and we are committed to 100% honesty and forthrightness every step of the way. Our integrity speaks for us, and that is why our clients put their faith in and trust our work.

The news is full of unforeseen catastrophic events, such as fires, storms, etc.  All this impacts businesses and their property.  As a way of minimizing their risk, businesses obtain insurance coverage for such events.  We immediately respond to catastrophic events when called upon by our insurance carrier and adjuster clients. Uncertainty is inherent in most, if not all, insurance claims.  Our goal is to bring clarity to the process.  We provide independent, objective, and credible solutions that are intended to assist the parties in their decision-making.  We are devoted to providing timely information, which may be

Catastrophies May Happen Anytime!

used to resolve issues. 


Our assignments include conducting interviews, accumulating information and documentation, claim loss verification, measuring potential economic losses sustained by a business and, if required, providing expert testimony.  We view our role as being interpersonal and seek to navigate the parties' relationships through clear and concise communication.  First, we work with the insurance carrier's client, the business owner, to gain an understanding of the background of the business and the claim.  The business owner knows their business better than anyone, so through active listening and fact gathering a rapport is built, which may aid in the claim's resolution.

Our financial forensic experts then consider the covered cause of loss and its impact on the business.  This is a critical step in understanding the actual loss sustained by the business and for providing credible recommendations to the insurance carrier and for the business owner's consideration in potentially mitigating the business's economic loss.  Based on our extensive experience in working with various insurance carriers and their policies, we are able to provide claims professionals with essential information to make coverage decisions.  

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