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DHF Financial Forensics PLLC’s mission is to provide exceptional services to our clients.  We recognize the value of meaningful, long-term relationships that are built on trust.  Our growth will be based on our reputation and commitment to delivering credible and defendable results.



Our forensic accounting firm is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards. We serve our clients by investigating each case thoroughly and presenting the facts as we find them. In financial forensics, reputation is paramount, and we are committed to 100% honesty and forthrightness every step of the way. Our integrity speaks for us, and that’s why clients, judges, and juries put their faith and trust in our work.


Our professionals hold a duty of independence, confidentiality, integrity, and objectivity.  We believe we have a duty to be open, honest, and respectful in our communications with everyone.  We have a duty to our greatest assets, which are our employees.  Our success is linked to their professional development and individual satisfaction.  Our devotion to duty will never waiver.


Our success and growth hinges on consistently delivering accurate and timely results to our clients.  We take personal responsibility for our work and deliver on obligations to each other and our clients.  We encourage camaraderie and honor the individual contributions of our professionals.  We are responsible for the development and success of ourselves, our families, our firm, our clients, and our community.


Fidelity or faithfulness is the quality of being absolutely loyal to oneself, family, firm, clients, profession, and community.  We are committed to faithfully upholding the highest ethical and professional standards to maintain trust and credibility with our clients, peers, and the public in general.

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