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Catastrophic Events - Insurance Claims

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

With hurricane season upon us, our experts are ready to assist you with your business income loss and extra expense claims.

We know that a successful claim settlement for the insurer and the insured depends on a quick, thorough, and fair analysis of economic, insurance, and accounting issues. We continually strive to exhibit integrity, fairness, and respect for all parties involved.

We specialize in catastrophe response. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes can cause substantial financial damage to business

operations. Often times, this includes property damage and loss in working hours. After these disasters, organizations look to their insurance policies for financial help. Our experts ensure these claims receive accurate evaluation of the potential economic loss. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and dedication to customer service, which often makes the claims handling process run smoother and easier.

DHF Financial Forensics PLLC is ready and available to respond to your needs, regardless of time or location. Our experienced management team quickly and thoroughly leads these analysis, offering businesses the peace of mind knowing that the degree of economic loss will be reflected accurately in their insurance claim.

We always work closely with our clients and their policyholders to retrieve the appropriate financial documents and deliver a correct analysis. Our analysis will be accurate, informative, and helpful in the settlement of your claim.

Please call us today to speak with our catastrophe response team at (385) 352-1500.


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